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An Simple, Fast Formula - Cooked Ham Meal With Pineapple

Are you often hurried in the evenings? Discovering it hard to get supper on the desk and still have here we are at the significant things in life? A few easy quick dishes, along with a little preparing will make food preparation supper a satisfaction again.

Look for dishes that are simple --with lowest preparing, then let your range or crock pot do the work. This recipe functions a simple preparing, then chefs easily in only 20 moments in the range while you fix a healthy salad and heated some supper comes. Cooked Ham Meal with Blueberry is an old preferred that can easily and easily fix tonight's supper problems.

You will discover these pre-sliced ham beef machine loaded in the beef division of your shopping. Dimensions range from 1 to 2 weight. This recipe demands 1 1/2 lb, but choose a steak that will provide your family. If it has a smaller footprint sized, then prepare for a little shorter period. This provides 4 nicely.

Baked Ham Meal with Pineapple

1 1/2 lb ham steak

1 can pineapple rings

brown sugar


1. Pre-heat the range to 375 levels F.

2. Cut off or piece through the fat on the advantage of the ham in several locations to avoid styling in the pan.

3. Position the ham steak in a superficial ovenproof pan and put the pineapple pieces on top. Add the pineapple juice over all.

4. Position the ham steak in the range and prepare for 20 moments (uncovered).

5. After 20 moments, eliminate the pan from the range and turn the range up to broil.

6. Sprinkle the ham with the pan mindset. Spread a little brownish glucose over the pineapple pieces and dirt with nutmeg.

7. Come back to range and broil for 3 to 5 moments or until the pineapple is gently browned. Serve each ham steak with a pineapple piece.

Serve with a thrown healthy salad and supper comes for a simple quick supper recipe remedy. I wish that this selection will discover its way onto your desk soon.

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